A Balanced Life

contributed by Dr. Stephen Bangert

Is your life in balance?  

Few can honestly answer “yes”, saying they roll smoothly through life’s challenges, even when they hit a few potholes that life presents.  I suspect you answered “no”, and that you experience some imbalance which pulls you in different directions.  Perhaps you experience a momentary lack of confidence or uncertainty when under the pressure of life’s fast pace.  You might be thinking of the analogy of riding in a car with its tires out of balance.  For comfort and safety it needs fixing.  The same is true of one’s life.

Most any time is a good time to check the balance in your life.  But…

What is a balanced life?

To help answer this question as it pertains to yourself, below is a list of eight major balancing points and some questions you might ask when evaluating your life.  Given the major influence of career, let’s start with that.

Professional     Do you have professional goals?  Are you managing your career?  How do you stay current?  Are you earning what you are worth?  Is your career moving forward?  Are you more marketable today  then last year?  Have you learned any new skills or added to your scope of experience?

Physical           Do work issues keep you awake at night?  How is your diet?  Are you getting enough exercise?  What are your sleep habits?  Do you practice health wellness?  Do you get an annual physical?

Psychological   Do you have identified goals?  Is your general outlook positive?  What is you attitude toward other people and things?  Do you live by a set of values?  Are you able to trust others?  Do you know how to control stress?  Do you have interests and hobbies?  Are you generally happy?  Do you have sources of joy in your life?

Mental             What do you feed your mind?  Do you challenge yourself with new ideas?  Do you make a conscience effort to learn something new each day?  What do you read?  Do you express yourself through writing?  Do you play cards, crossword puzzles or other games that require memory and strategy?

Family/Social   Do you have close relationships with family, friends and others?  How do you interact with others?  Do you generally keep to yourself or reach out to others?

Financial          Are you living within your means?  Are you saving?  Do you pay yourself first?  Are you preparing for retirement?  Do you have a budget?  Do you pay off credit cards monthly?

Community      Do you participate in community activities?  Do you volunteer your time and talent?  Do you exercise your right to vote?  Would others call you a good citizen? 

Spiritual           Do you have and practice a belief system that connects you with others?  Do you see yourself as part of the commonality of humanity?  Do you believe in equality?

Given that life is a dynamic unfolding, there is naturally the need to evaluate and rebalance your life on a regular basis.  And since your career is a major determinate in your life, it is important to actively manage your career for its immediate and long term impact on your life.

Would you like some professional help and objectivity in rebalancing?  I would welcome having conversation with you and determining how I might provide further coaching.  Just use the contact information below.

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