Executive Resume Resource

A Unique Resume Style

If you are looking for a unique resume format that makes YOU stand out from the crowd, then Executive Resume Resource is your #1 choice for resume preparation. 

A leading-edge resume writing company, Executive Resume Resource is based on a revolutionary resume format that effectively delivers your value proposition in just a few seconds, successfully capturing the attention of hiring executives and positioning you for endless new opportunities.

How We Do It

After identifying your target audience and conducting an in-depth phone interview, your writer will craft your unique bullets and format your resume to powerfully present your credentials. 

YOUR target position drives document focus, word choice and bullet placement.  This is critical to development of a successful document.

Who We Work With

Our clients have backgrounds spanning countless industries in small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies across the US and abroad.  They include CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs and CFOs, as well as senior-level directors and managers in engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, product development, software innovation, communications, finance, operations, technology, investment banking, supply chain/logistics, law, academics and business development.  Our clients are experienced in strategic business transactions such as M&As, joint ventures, IPOs, divestitures, turnarounds, startups, restructurings and business process re-engineering.

Our Resume Writing Experience

The team at Executive Resume Resource has over 30 years combined resume writing experience as well as 50+ years hands-on business experience in management.  By blending comprehensive business and HR expertise with an innovative writing style we have developed a formula for resume success.

Committed To Staying On the Leading Edge

Executive Resume Resource is focused on providing top-notch customer service.  We continually monitor employment, industry and economic trends, as well as innovations in recruiting techniques and job-search technologies to stay on the cutting edge.

How Can You Capitalize On Our Experience?

If you would like to know more about our innovative style and how it can help you achieve your objectives give us a call at 251-895-2125 or email us at info@executiveresumeresource.com.  We’ll conduct a no-charge evaluation of your existing resume and give you tips on ways to improve its impact.